9.6 Zaman University acts according to ACC and other quality requirements through procedures described in the present Quality Assurance Manual.

1.1 The management structure of the Quality Assurance Unit is clearly indicated in the appendix 1 of this document.

1.2 Guidelines and procedures are indicated at 1.3 Duties and responsibilities of the quality assurance officer are clearly defined…

1.4 A system of assessment is implemented through a series of periodic audits. 1.5 Quality System has both internal and external supervisors.

2. The quality system is based on the participation of representatives of all the main functions of Zaman University (CFR) 2.1 continuous quality improvements are guaranteed by an articulated mechanism of feedbacks. 2.2 Training activities about quality assurance are regularly conducted at the beginning of the academic year and anytime there are significant changes. New personal is assured with a specific training. 2.3 All the staff is directly (See management structure) or indirectly, through cascade training of the staff of the Quality Assurance Unit, involved in the quality assurance. 2.4 QA procedures are disseminated through training activities, audits, publication on the website of policies based on quality requirements. 3.1 The decision-making mechanism works according to the following chart: Board of director- 3.2 activities quality assurance are recorded 4.1 The board of directors provided a budget specifically designated for quality assurance. 4.2 Such budget is invested in Human resources, infrastructures, and facilities. 4.3 Persons responsible for QA are indicated in the management structure (appendix 1) 5.1 at the end of the year a final report that take all the audits and non- conformity reports is drafted by the quality assurance unit and sent to the rector and the board of directors who consider it as feedback for the implementation of the new annual plan and specific actions if necessary. 5.2 The mechanism for the use of self-assessment procedures is described by the following chart: • direct institutions to key internal and external quality assurance documents; • provide information on activities relevant to quality assurance and enhancement, with examples of good practice. The University's procedures for assuring quality in teaching, learning and assessment are designed to reflect: • the mission of the University • the complexity, diversity and federal structure of the University • the University's nature as a community of scholars • the conviction that academic staff and students are most effective in an environment that is supportive and participative rather than directive and managerial • the collegiate nature of the University • the delegated responsibility given to faculties and departments for their own quality assurance procedures • a proportionate central approach to potential risk to learning and teaching provision and to assessment • the General Board's Learning and Teaching Strategy.

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