Communication and soft skills program

In the age of multinatinal corporations and rapid expanding of international connections in all spheres and life, the necessity of communication development is extremely crucial. Corporate culture, politics, mass media dictate new rules of speaking that must be adopted by everyone searching success in the society of informational era. Cambodia is showing its progress and readiness to take its place in the international arena, and therefore there is an urgent need of acquiring not only the knowledge of language, but a certain speaking style, known as public speaking.

The authors of this program believe that Cambodia needs a whole new layer of activities, looking deeply into different aspects of communication. However, using international experience is not enough, as Cambodia with its traditionalism, mentality and cultural specifics varies from its European or American partners. This program is designed to determine national characteristics of the region and, by reconciling them with the best western practices, create a whole new concept of Public Speaking in Cambodia – made for Cambodians and understood by them.

The program includes various kinds of activities, dedicated to communicational and presentational studies. Among them – public lectures, conferences, round tables, article and research writing, etc. All of them will be targeted to the broad group of participants. It should be noted, that scholars are not the only ones, who might be interested in this kind of events - public speaking is closely related to business and professional areas, mass media and politics. Therefore, authors strongly encourage representatives of all those areas to show their interest in this program.

As an outcome of this program, the authors plan to develop curriculum and manual on public speaking, designed for Cambodian higher institutions; establish close connections between organizations involved into development of soft skills connected with public speaking; provide high-quality training for all people, interested in upgrading their skills and familiarize the publicity with the concept of public speaking considering Cambodian national specifics.  

Leaflet - Introduction to  Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Introduction to public speaking

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