Modelling the purchase intention of Eco-Building

The main objectives of this research is to investigate factors that influence the purchase intention of Eco-Building (EB). The green building will enhance quality of life by providing energy efficient, healthier and making it safer for the occupier. As this is critical for the solving the problem of running out of renewable energy resources, reducing the impact on climate change and carbon footprint on the environment. The findings of this study will give us more understanding what will drive the intention of the buyers toward purchasing an eco friendly property.

Research Team

Dr.Serdar DURDYEV 

Department of Engineering and Architectural Studies, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand


Department of Business Administration, Zaman University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Lisophanna Kong  (Seniour Student from Zaman University) 

Uysrun Sor            (Seniour Student from Zaman University)

Sokchhaylinh Ly   (Seniour Student from Zaman University)

Kheang Teav         (Seniour Student from Zaman University)

Sodany Hour         (Seniour Student from Zaman University)

Kimeng Heng        (Seniour Student from Zaman University)

Sreymeas Shaun    (Seniour Student from Zaman University)